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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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taking it the easy outside meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck to tell us more, kate. >> reporter: first day of it but not the worst day of it. it looks like tomorrow and thursday is when heat and humidity will peak. we could be looking at 90's right through the weekend and right into next week. humidity will drop by the end of the week but with the heat and humidity we will get these thunderstorms in the afternoon with the heating of the day. showers and storms pop up. as we look at storm scan three we have a few popping upright now. when i step outside here on the sky deck sky looked dark in the south. showers and storms firing up over south jersey and down in southern delaware. we will zoom in on one cell here over atlantic county right long atlantic and burlington counties there. heavy rain with that particular cell. you can see lightening there as well. back to the west we have a couple showers form over deptford, new jersey, continuing to move toward city couple showers moving through south philadelphia and over the chester area as well. further south even over
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southern delaware a couple showers popped up, and flood advisory for that particular cell over sussex county, delaware. these storms are few and far between. most of the area is mostly sunny this afternoon but if you get caught driving in these brief downpours it can slow you down. plan according willly heading outside tonight. temperature wise we are at 90 right now. ninety-two in trenton. ninety-one in reading. dew points rising in the upper 60's and lower 70's. that means what it feels like is warmer. ninety-four is what it feels like in philadelphia a. ninety-five the the heat index in dover delaware. none in stop 90's is what we have on the dock it. the hottest day is tomorrow, the most humid day probably thursday, and then a reductions in humidity for friday but notice 90's continue through the weekend and even into next week. i'll tell you when heat wave may give us a break when i join you inside in just a few minutes, ukee, back over to you. traffic along with our meteorologists, all you need is our cbs philly weather app. you can check live radar and
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get severe weather alerts as well, down load it on itune and google play. we have some answers on when you can purchase regional rail pass for the pope's visit. the ticket will go back on sale next week but through a lottery system. "eyewitness news" reporter steve path are son joins us from septa headquarters with details, steve. >> reporter: ukee, a after a week of frustration septa a officials hope that this new lottery system, hosted by external high capacity ticket hub cities the solution solution. we were there for the announcement a and we want to break down how it works. new mission statement from septa. >> is there a number of people who are very anxious about what is going to be happening in the city. septa does in the want to be a part of that anxiety. >> reporter: more than a week after web site failure that prevented thousands of regional will rail customers from purchasing special passes for pope's vice tonight late september, tuesday officials hope that this is the solution. >> i'm here to announce that starting on monday, august the
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the third septa will sell the the regional will rail passes, through an on line lottery. >> reporter: instead of the first come, first curve e commerce site, septa officials will now hold an on line lottery. hosted by the specialist company, ticket leap. >> this site has been designed for high demand. >> reporter: so she's how it works. at 12:01 a a.m. for one day customers get one shot to enter the lottery through septa's web site. in that time customers can order ten passes for each of the two available days, and set preferences like time slot and rail stations, the drawing is random. and the opportunity to pay for the pass. it is not they won't. here's what they want you to remember. >> everyone has the same chance of being selected. >> reporter: septa hopes plane language and equal opportunity can erase a week of frustration and give people
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answers. >> we want to be able to get these papal pass necessary peoples hand, so then can make concrete decision about their planes equal opportunity, one time by, for those two weekend, days. coming up at 6:00 o'clock we will dress some concerns that could come up when you handle a lottery system. i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". clock is ticking in many ways there are 60 days until the pope arrives here in philadelphia on saturday morning, september 26th. well, cbs three is your station for coverage of the papal visit. when we are not on television you can get information anytime at cbs now, back to our top story more on that historic surgery that was performed right here in philadelphia changing a little boy's life. amazing story. zion lost his hands to infection and now learning to use his new ones. our stephanie stahl is a at children's hospital right now.
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stephanie, you cannot help but be overjoyed for this amazing lovable little boy um. >> reporter: ukee, you are right, he is a very special little boy with a special family. chop has made history once again, this time, with the world, the world's first double hand transplant on a child. that operation happened a couple weeks ago and today we got to meet that star patient. >> yes. >> eight year-old zion hardy is showing off history making new hand. >> everything is going good and well. >> reporter: zion, who lives with his family in baltimore lost his hand and feet because of the sepsis infection when he was two years old. >> when i did this hand, i will be proud of what haines get. >> a bright boy. once a suitable donor was available the chop team
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assembled for ten hour plus transplant operation. >> there are hundreds of steps that have to be done in the right order to get this thing to work properly. >> i felt like i was willing to take that risk for him if he wanted it; to be able to play monkey bars and football. >> reporter: now, zion will be here at children's hospital in the rehab unit for about another month before he helped home to baltimore. doctors told me he was in a especially good candidate for this transplant because he had a kidney transplant also as a result of that sepsis infection, he was on anti rejection medication which he will now stay on. the his mom told me, instead of football she's thinking maybe something more like golf. ukee, back to you. >> that is what i'm talking about. out of curiosity have doctors said anything about if he can feel his hand or how long that might take, if not. >> reporter: yeah, so right the now he is not able to feel his hand. he said that could take up to eight weeks but he did show us, he is able to move them. he is in, intense therapy so
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he is learning how to reuse those hand every day. >> that is fantastic. like to give him a little put tore get him started. that is great. stephanie, thanks very much. we will talk soon. in other news more than two months after the deadly amtrak derailment the last survivor has been released from the hospital. temple university hospital which received a bulk of the trauma patients reports that they are no longer treating any more derailment victims. eight people were killed and more than 200 others were injured when train 188 jumped the tracks at frankford junction may 12th. although it looks like a hollywood move think scene played out right here at home. we are learning more about the wild police chase that expand both side of the delaware river. "eyewitness news" reporter matt river joins us from police headquarters to tell us more bit matt. >> reporter: ukee, chases like the one we saw here in philadelphia and in new jersey last night, do not happen very often and that is actually by tea sign here in philadelphia philadelphia police, have policies in place that prevent their officers from engaging
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in vehicular chases, except in very extreme circumstances. that said when a chase begins somewhere else and comes to the the city things change. >> reporter: the change came to than a end in the shadow of philadelphia international a pennsylvania state trooper hit the fan and rolled, flipped and soon afterward suspect robert ritter was taken into custody. although it ended in philadelphia, the chase started two hours earlier in new jersey when oak lynn police began their pursuit ritter as a suspect in the armed robbery. >> our department rolls through the system and once they came over into philadelphia. >> reporter: police were in the lead the entire time but when the suspect led those officers over the bridge, that forced philadelphia police into action. >> last thing we wanted to have happies some other department running through our city and we don't know what is going on. it is a hand a hand, making sure we are monitoring what is going on. >> reporter: several police cars joined the chase assisted by police helicopter, something we rarely see here
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because city policy only allows chases in extreme circumstances. police say in the city, chases are usually too dangerous to pursuit. >> nobody was injured. we had a few officers banged up the individual himself but other than that, it is a very lucky situation. >> reporter: other department have their own policies usually relying on a officer's discretion to decide if a chase is warranted and how long it will last. when it comes to ending a chase that is normally up to a supervisor that person decide when and where it is safe to take the suspect's vehicle out like the the state police did at the airport. late this afternoon, we received a statement from the oaklynn police department justifying, in their words this pursuit. they say this pursuit was conduct at moderate to low speeds on roads that did not have a lot of traffic on them at the time, and they say the suspect in this case was wanted on multiple rest warrants. we're live outside of police headquarters, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> we watched every mile of it. matt, thank you. woman sitting on her front steps gets robbed at gunpoint and this crime was captured on camera. this happened sunday morning on forty-sixth street in chester avenue in southwest philadelphia one suspect pointed a handgun at the victim while the other demanded her sus phone and pass code. would the man complied and suspects ran off. police say they have arrested a pair of burglars who targeted a south philadelphia business, many of them, authorities say they caught tony kim hung trying to break into a restaurant, while kim acted as a look out. investigators say, kim is suspect in a dozen other commercial burglaries since april. chester county nurse's rested for allegedly stealing drugs from a nursing home where she work. thirty-six year-old carolyn howett is a accused of stealing more phone and other drugs from a west chester home. the drugs were listed as destroyed but they were found in howett's home.
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and, roger goodell has upheld 49 game suspension of patriots quarterback tom brady for his role in deflate gate and leslie van arsdal joins us now on this story. >> we have within dealing with this for a while now. the league and players union tried to reach a settlement before the commissioner's ruling but could not find common ground. the league learned brady had his cell phone destroyed on the same day that he was to meet with investigators ted wells. investigators wanted his phone and access to the 10,000 text messages that were on that phone. goodell's ruling comes just two days, before the start of the patriots training camp. brady is expected to challenge the decision in federal court and that will allow him to play while this case wind its way through the courts which again, could take a while. >> in the meantime fans and players to have get to know the the backup, as the play just goes on. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 new jersey state troopers are getting a protectedtive search we will ride along with an officer
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wearing a body camera. close call caught on camera, see the accident that nearly crushed a man who was just pumping gas. and, she's breaking down barriers meet the first woman to take the field as a coach as an nfl training camp, we will be right back.
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talking about taking your breath the away joe moran was hit again in port land, maine when an out of control slammed into his car.
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split second decision to step back preevent ised him from being crushed. incredibly no one was hurt. the the driver ran a stop sign and clipped another car, causing the crash. pilot error toys blame for last years deadly crash of a virgin galactic spaceship. ntsb investigators released their find to day. they say co pilot unlocked the spaceship's breaking system early causing a structural failure. the spaceship broke apart during a test flight over the mohave desert last september. the co pilot was killed, pilot seriously injured. new developments in the prison escape of two prisoners up in state new york. joyce mitchell pleaded guilty to charges of aiding, and in her courtroom she mugled hacksaw blade ape other tools to the pair, broke out and spent three weeks on the run. richard matt was shot and killed by police, david sweat was recaptured and sent to another prison. well, search for missing eight year-old girl in california comes to a a tragic end with the discovery of her
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body in a trash bin. body of madison middleton was found behind an art center in santa cruz. she disappeared around 5:00 p.m. sunday riding her scooter. a 15 year-old boy has been arrested and police say that suspect lives in the same apartment complex as madison and her mother. and the coastguard says it is optimistic that two florida teenage hours went missing on a fishing trip can be found alive. search is underway for 14 year-old per i cohen and his friend austin stephanos boat they were in was found capsized. we have learn that the teens straight from the boundaries for their fishing trip, and ventured into deeper waters at sea. >> terrifying to know that the boat capsized, it is, it is also a great relief, because it allows the the coastguard to strictly focus on a specific area now. >> these families of the teens pledged a hundred thousand dollars reward in the search, and famous neighbor, nfl hall have of famer joe nameth
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promising to continue searching in hopes of finding clues. still ahead on eyewitness knew, how is your credit? if you are trying to improve your credit? three on your side jim donovan will tell what you to look for to avoid being scammed. fire and water makes for a wild scene a crazy video of the surfer riding a massive wave while in flames. we will be right back.
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take a look at this surfer shall we say burning desire to do something crazy. daniel brian lit himself on fire while catching a wave off the coast of tahiti. o'brien is a professional stunt man and surfer. he wore a 15-pound of thermal suits, sweat shirts and a wet suit. you have to see minor burns on his face but otherwise, he is okay. must be a fan of that, look at that flame on, new fantastic four movie coming out the human torch. unbelievable. >> i would have been impressed by the wave. >> yes, taking it to another level. >> he went the next step. that is impressive. >> heat is on in our area, that is for sure. >> it feels like a fire burning outside with temperatures rising up in the 90's today and will only get worse before it gets better. we are talking 90's tomorrow and thursday. we are seeing two hottest days of the heat wave but 90's will hang on right into next week. i wish i could change it but it does like a reductions in
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humidity by friday. looking outside we have pop up thunderstorms. these are generally driven by the heat, and they are caused by heating of the day. we have so much heat and humidity instability. sun comes out heat air close to the ground which then rise necessary to an unstable atmosphere and forms thunderstorms. you can see they like to pop up on hot humid day. we have a couple popping up tomorrow as well but best chance for storms this week will be late thursday, in problems as we look live from campbell's feel. looking on storm scan three you can see a couple showers popping up across the region. few in sussex county and one over portions of atlantic and burlington counties. let's zoom in. you can see red right over egg harbor city, toward galloway producing steady rain at route 130 and few lightening strikes with that particular cell. we have a couple spotty showers back to the west back near washington and waterford and down in sussex county heavy thunderstorm there. just right along border, shall we say here, delaware,
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maryland right around ocean pines away from the beach further inland but still heavy rain and some lightening. you can see a number of thunderstorms popped south of our area here's our next cold front back to the north and west. as we await the the arrival of the front we will feel that southwest flow continuing to pick up over next couple of days and that is why heat and humidity increases. two flood advisories with the two main cells over sussex county here, frankford sell bye villain dationboro and atlantic and burlington, pennsylvania moan, small stream flooding there. that flood advisory until 9:15 tonight. temperatures right now it is hot but this is in the the worst of it. ninety at the airport. ninety-one allentown. ninety-one as well in the reading. pair of eight's in wilmington. down the shore we have south flow wind off the water right now. will four in ocean city. eighty-six in stone harbor. eighty-four in cape may. so far 91. potential seven in a row. so far we have had about 1590-degree
5:23 pm
days. we will almost beat last year, 19 total foresees on. once this heat wave is done we will be close to 2013. gold standard, 2010, 5590 plus degree days. dew points listen in the 07's. we will feeling more uncomfortable. tomorrow air quality is not good especially for sensitive groups. anyone who has respiratory problems asthma, anything like that. severe threat, that comes in on thursday. as thunderstorms start to move on through. lets go in the forecast, for the the overnight, we will take you back to the three day outlook and again you can see temperatures in the 90's for next few days. friday less humid. we will have more weather when we come right back.
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grid iron, arizona cardinals of the nfl has hired a woman as their coach for upcoming training camp. cbs correspondent elaine keyano explains, this pioneer has spent years getting ready to make history. >> reporter: jen welsher loves football the 37 year-old played professionally for 14 years. mostly for woman's team based in dallas. her career, included a stint with the texas revolution indoor league where she went toe to toe, with the men. she then joined that team asiana cysttent coach. >> this is football weather right here. you don't get any better. >> reporter: she will take the field for the arizona cardinals with their coaching staff as a training camp intern teaching the hardest hitting players in the league: the linebackers. >> even though it is a boy's club they will not care if it is a woman or a man as long as that person is getting a veteran.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: women are making a dent in the hyper competitive world of mens major professional sports. the last august, becky hammond became first full-time female assistant coach in nba history and this past spring, the nfl announced sarah thomas will be the league's first full-time female official. >> somebody has got to be first and at least and i think even though this is an internship hopefully down the road more doors will be opened. >> elaine key an owe for cbs news, new york. temple coach bruce airans is out there nicely done. come up, call it a costly mistake, find out what a worker left in that can i have, that was picked up and new is the subject of the police investigation. and ai custody battle, and, why they are refusing to give back, to one man's best friend. then new at 6:00 tonight, one of the suburbs bigger, south jersey communities unique way to deal with mosquitoes, we will
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hello, everyone i'm ukee washington. here's what is happening. young boy becomes first to receive a double hand transplant and surgery was performed at children's hospital. eight year-old zion harvey of baltimore maryland underwent the surgery earlier this month. septa has finally announce its solution for selling regional rail passes for the pope's visit.
5:31 pm
on monday august 3rd the tickets will be sold through an on line lottery. a camden county man awaits extradition back to new jersey for this wild police chase last night. authorities say that robert ritter first ran a traffic stop, in oaklynn. two hours later ritter was in custody after police deployed a pit maneuver on his veneer philly international airport kate. we started an extended heat wave today and it will get worse. the here's what is ahead for your wednesday, hot and humid. feel like 100 degrees. thursday another hot one with gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon, friday still hot but not quite as humid. then we're still hot throughout the weekend. i will let you know if we have end in sight to this heat wave with the seven day ukee. thank you kate. new jersey police will be equipped with body cameras as part of the statewide initiative announce today by the attorney general. i team rode along with one police department already using cameras. cbs-3 investigative reporter charlotte huffman has that story.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: you are along the ride for rowan university police officer steven clay born. that small device on his shirt is a body camera. >> it is activated double tap the button. >> reporter: double beep like this, indicates that the camera is recording. >> how is it going. >> reporter: with the widespread use of people using cell phones to record police, officer claybeen says body cameras level the playing field. >> they hear the beep, is that recording. and they go, oh, okay. and it changes their demean are. >> reporter: number of departments currently using body cameras is small but that is about to change. >> good morning. >> reporter: tuesday state officials announced plans to make new jersey among one of the first states to put the cameras on all troopers working in the field a move that comes after a string of high profile police involved shootings, including last year in ferguson. >> public confidence in our police officers is absolutely, positively vital. the way to maintain mutual respect, and trust between
5:33 pm
law enforcement and our communities is to through accountability on both police, and civilians. >> reporter: accountability that comes with a price. 1.5 million-dollar to purchase a thousand cameras for state troopers, plus another 2.5 million to help local police departments purchase them if they want them. in addition to helping police gather evidence during criminal investigations, traffic stops and searches officials say the cameras will act as an objective witness in police involve shootings and use of force incidents. a small device that can go a long way in preserving confidence, and trust. so that truth rules the day not emotions, not agendas and not personal bias. >> reporter: well, the cameras will be purchased in batches over the next year and attorney general hoffman is issuing a statewide policy governing how they should, and shouldn't be used.
5:34 pm
charlotte hough man man for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you for that. series of events claimed the life of the tree removal worker in bucks county. witnesses say man was working in andrea drive-in richboro when his truck toppled over. he was income from the bucket and pinned to the ground. we spoke to the woman whose family owns the property where those trees were being removed. >> i thought it was just an accident on the street. i didn't know what happen. when i ran out we saw the guy, he was kind laying under the bucket, his wife was there, his son work with them and they were hysterical. it was really scary. >> officials with the occupational safety health administration continue their investigation. the iranian nuclear deal takes center stage in campaign 2016. controversial comments regarding at agreement by presidential candidate mike huckabee has some g.o.p. candidates picking sides on the campaign trail. cbs reporter craig boswell has this. >> reporter: mike huckabee says he is not back down over
5:35 pm
controversial remarks he made about the iranian nuclear deal. >> i will not apologize and i will in the recan't because word holocaust was invoked by the the iranian government. >> reporter: former arkansas governor and g.o.p. presidential candidate stirred up the lingering controversy with this criticism of president obama and deal to curb iran's nuclear program. >> he will take the israelis, and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> reporter: it is divided candidates seeking the republican nomination, while ted cruz and rick santorum deeven if huckabee's remarks others do not. >> do i in the use language like that. i am against iran deal because it is a bad deal. >> reporter: while hearings ramp up on capitol hill president obama and some others say stepped up criticism by those seeking the white house is an attempt to get attention ahead of next week republican debate. huckabee dismissed that suggestion. his campaign, including the the controversy and fund raising e-mails. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wisconsin governor scott walker was in philadelphia
5:36 pm
today. the up presidential candidate made two stops very close to one another. he visited both, pat's steaks and geno's steaks right across the street. we're told he ordered american choose, no onions, and it looks like he enjoyed it, big time. president obama says he could win a third term in office if he ran again something barred by the constitution. >> i love my work but under our constitution i cannot run again. i can't run again. i actually think i'm a pretty good president. i think if i ran i could win but i can't. >> the president made those remarks in ethiopia wrapping up a trip that also saw him visit kenya. on the healthwatch tonight a tour that could potentially save lives made a stop in montgomery county today. at the rite aide in huntington valley people were able to get free skin cancer screenings by local dermatologists as part
5:37 pm
of the road to healthy skin tour that travels along the east coast all summer long. tour travels in an rv with two private exam rooms. well, one man is going through every pet owner's nightmare a fight to get his dog back. when benjamin moved to houston for a new job he could not take his dog dakota with him right away because his apartment wouldn't allow it. he temporarily gave him to a foster family but now ready for his four legged friend to move back with him his foster family went give him back. >> the situation that you really can't control and you fine next best thing temporarily, and then all of a sudden to have it ripped a away from you, you know, you don't do that to people. >> foster family says, he broke some parts of their agreement including not providing medicine, and he has an attorney and says he is looking into legal options. well, favorite children's author has a new book, coming up the new doctor sueses book
5:38 pm
more than 20 years after his death. and hope have more to come. family of treasure hunters makes the the ultimate discovery, gold, and lots of it. cade. and we started a brand new heat wave today and this looks like the longest one just yet, 90's continues through the weekend but this time it is all about the humidity. i will tell you when the people will be coming up with the seven day forecast. sues.
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. accidentally leave a bag of cash, on a lawn, inberg earn county. then a person in the van jumps out, grabs it and takes off. inside that bag about a 150 grand, police say the atm employees are cooperating with the investigation and that suspect remains at large. finders keepers in this next story one involving a treasure. family found one million-dollar worth of artifacts, off the coast of florida. diver aaron schmidt hey pay dirt when they discomfort golden artifacts from spanish
5:47 pm
ship. it included coins gold necklacees. one of the coins is so rare it is worth an estimated $500,000. >> you know, to find royal coin finding a presentation piece, and there is people doing this for 40, 50 years and never found one. >> how about this, they were found in remarkably shallow water north of palm beach. we are told it was only about 15 feet deep. and there it was chachange. >> hiding in plane sight. >> right there. >> yes. >> 15 feet. >> bang. >> you got it. >> yes, a amazing talk about our forecast. >> not so amazing no. >> unless you don't mind summer heat and hood midty we have a lot of that. but through weekend things should stay try but thursday we may have a few thunderstorms to be concerned with. >> is that front coming through. >> it will income down humidity but not help us too much with the 90's. lets take a quick look and see how evening is shaping up. you can see it looks like a
5:48 pm
little bit of gloom in ocean city. little hazy, overcast skies right now it doesn't look like it is raining but there are a a few showers to the north that could clip the shore points as we get through the next couple of hours mostly up further north in atlantic county but still seeing cloud cover in ocean city. not the best beach afternoon but we have nice weather for most of the day down the shore. lets check with our eyewitness weather watch tours see what they are reporting heading through this tuesday afternoon and it is hot. pretty much every where we have eyewitness weather watchers. we have them every where. we have temperatures in the 90's. ed connor in chesterfield at 92. he has sun warm but low humidity at thinks house. that is good news. humidity is creeping up but not as bad as it will be for sure. margot at 87 in buena vista with sun. current heat index is 105.1 but did not hit a 90-degree temperatures. that shows you how humid it is. it just depend where you are. 90 degrees up further north and west we will check with
5:49 pm
david michigan until norristown 90 degrees there. it is 90 degrees, partly cloudy, have a fine evening foulke. you too thanks for observations. lets look at is what going on, storm scan three. we are mostly dry this evening, just seeing sunshine. if you are in one of these areas getting rained on you will get decent downpours out there especially in atlantic county. thinks where we have a heavy shower right now moving just a little bit to the south but still pretty much sitting over the same area, egg harbor city, and airport in pennsylvania pamona there and at c expressway seeing steady rain as well. the as we move to the west, we are seeing scattered showers here, near williamstown. further south still that heavy thunderstorm over southern sussex county delaware, both of these, one in atlantic county and sussex county do have a flood advisory. this flood advisory until 8:45. small stream flooding the biggest threat there. heading to the north same story small stream and street ponding. egg harbor city, pennsylvania moan, galloway and absecon.
5:50 pm
the these showers could make it toward shore points this evening before fizzling out once the sun goes down and we will lose heating of the day these showers should difficulties pay as well. temperature wise you can see how much cooler in pamona at the a airport with rain overhead drastically dropping temperatures down to 75 degrees. here in philadelphia 90. ninety-one in reading. eighty-six down in wilmington. here's what it feels like, that 75 feels like temperature shows you how quickly rain can cool the air. feels like 94 at the airport. ninety-two lancaster. look at these heat index values feeling like 112 in st. louis. 105 in wichita. 105 in little rock. stays hot throughout the end of the week. hot, humid tomorrow. humidity at its peak as we await this frontal boundary thursday, showers and storms in the afternoon. high pressure builds n still hot friday. the noticeably less humid. we will take a look at our comfort index and you can see worst of it wednesday into thursday and then humidity does drop. it does president get completely dry but certainly
5:51 pm
better for friday and saturday. so for overnight the a few cloud, warm, muggy 74. tomorrow, sun which an isolated shower, hot humid. ninety-five is our daytime high. you're witness weather seven day forecast hottest two days wednesday and thursday still hot but not as humid friday through weekend but notice those 90's stay with us right through next tuesday by next wednesday we will get a little bit of break from the 90's. back over to you. well now that the economy is starting to improve many americans are hoping to clean up their finances, pay down debt, and improve their credit score. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan warns you better do your homework first. >> that is right indeed because there are companies out there looking to capitalize on that desire to improve your credit. not all of them are legitimate. from buying a car to buying a home your past financial decisions are all laid out for lenders to see in a credit report. with many aspects of the american economy on the upswing, many consumers are seeking to clean up their
5:52 pm
credit history and some scammers, see an opportunity. according to the federal trade commission there are a a few easy ways to spot a credit repair scam. first, is the company asking for payment before they render any services? also if they ask that you in the contact the the credit reporting agencies directly. and, if they suggest giving false information when applying for a mortgage or a loan. another troubling trend among credit repair scammers is a promise of a new credit identity which can unwittingly land a consume inner trouble with the law. consumers can spot these when service suggest is a abandoning a social security number as a primary source of identification, and then instead using a new number they assign and called a cp then for credit privacy number or credit profile number, in many cases these numbers are stolen social security numbers often from children, which is why they have a clean credit slate. and that can turn a consumer
5:53 pm
into an unknowing identity thief despite their good financial intentions. but first thing first, in order to repair your credit you need to know what your credit report looks like. remember every 12 months you are entitled to get a freeze copy of your report from each of the three major credit reporting burroughs. looking on to annual credit to obtain yours i will post your lincoln twitter and face back as well, also some information to fix your credit report mistakes there as well. >> yes you always throw them things out there, do i check it, i have a guy. >> who his the guy you check it yourself. >> i go through him he helps me out. i'm learning through him. is that okay. i'm doing it at least. >> okay, all right. >> once a year, you got to get that done. >> i'm very concerned about you. >> thanks, jim. new summer blockbusters are about to hit the theaters, new faces at premiere of the familiar sounding movie.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
this is your space suit is saved. the smithsonian met its goal raising money on a kick starter web site to restore the space suit worn by neil armstrong during his moon walk in 1969. now the the museum hopes to raise more money to help conserve the suit of allen shepherd the first american in space. gris world's are back for a new vacation, but for modern twist. stars of the film including ed elms and cristina apple gate came out in los angeles yesterday. he plays a grown up rusty griswold who surprises his wife and kid on a cross country trip. >> i say we call it griswold spring. >> what are we go to go do?
5:58 pm
>> now, it is full of misadventure when they return to wally world, first time we have seen them since 1997 vegas vacation. >> it is just vacation, sort of celebrates the griswolds missing this in a very authentic way but nature ittively and comedy wise it is totally fresh and new you. >> by the way you will remember chevy chase and beverly deangelo starred in the original version of the classic comedy and they both make an appearance. the film hits theaters tomorrow. and another premiere for latest mission impossible movie, tom cruise walk the red carpet in times square during the premiere, tom cruise repriced his role as super spy ethan hunt for fifth installment of the action thriller. mission impossible rogue nation is in theaters on friday. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 it will come down to the luck of the draw. after a technical glitch
5:59 pm
scrapped plans to sell septa passengers on the web site, the new way to get them will be up to chance, katie? ukee, a heat wave start todd day but if you think today is bad wait until you heel tomorrow's heat and humidity. it will feel like triple digits tomorrow and thursday, and then a break from the humidity and heat, i'll explain coming up at 6:00. and miracle of movement, for this eight year-old boy why this simple act of of opening and closing his hand has given him a new lease on life, after a historic procedure right here in philadelphia. also, a wild ride through two states, tonight we're hearing more from officers about last night's chase. well, new plans are revealed, people hoping to ride the rails for the papal visit, will to have rely on faith to get their passes. getting your hold on regional rail tickets now comes down to
6:00 pm
the luck of the draw, a lottery, will now be used to determine who gets tickets. i'm ukee washington. jets contact is off tonight. septa revealed new system in the press conference late this afternoon. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson reports. >> reporter: it is announcement that septa hopes will set things right. starting on monday, august the third, septa will sell regional rail passes, through an on line, lottery. >> reporter: last week, failure. septa officials say that the e commerce site designed to sell 350,000 regional rail passes, for the pope's vice tonight late september was slammed by over overwhelming demand this week relaunch plan. instead of first come, first serve, spokesperson jerry williams says a lottery system means a equal playing field. >> everyone has the same chance have being selected. >> reporter: all hosted by external ticket hub made for


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